Our facilities offer the stages, offices and support space to meet the scope of your productions, from feature films and television series to commercials. All conveniently located in Metro Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary.

Production Facilities

Lighting, Grip and Expendables

We have the industry’s largest, most technologically advanced equipment inventory—and the know-how to bring your vision to life.

Equipment Services
Photograph, Ashly Covington

A Commitment to Sustainability

Our clean energy solutions include non-diesel, power supply options, grid tie-ins and the use of renewable fuels.

A Strong Presence in Canada. A Global Network of Support.

The MBS Group is the largest studio consulting and equipment services company in the world. Its global platform includes more than 100 studios, partner studios and equipment locations across seven countries—a network that provides you with comprehensive support in the industry’s top production markets. 

Locations – New Map
Hawaii Locations Vancouver, BC Locations California Locations New Mexico Locations Louisiana Locations Illinois Locations New York Locations Georgia Locations England Locations Florida Locations New Jersey Locations Maryland Locations Tennessee Locations Dominican Republic Locations Germany Locations Hungary Locations Virginia Locations Pennsylvania Locations Scotland Locations Ireland Locations Wales Location Texas Locations Massachusetts Locations Calgary, Alberta Locations Toronto, Ontario Locations Northern Ireland Locations

Hawaii Locations

  • MBSE Oahu - Waikele-Waipahu

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Vancouver, BC Locations

MBS-Operated, Corporate-Owned Studios
MBS-Operated Studios
Serviced by MBS
  • MBSE Vancouver - Burnaby
  • MBSE Vancouver - Langley

California Locations

MBS-Operated, Corporate-Owned Studios
  • MBS Media Campus - Manhattan Beach
  • Radford Studio Center - Studio City
  • Raleigh Studios - Hollywood
  • Saticoy Studios - Van Nuys
  • Television City - Los Angeles
  • The Culver Studios - Culver City
MBS-Operated Studios
  • LA Hangar Studios - Los Angeles
Serviced by MBS
  • Blue Cloud Movie Ranch - Santa Clarita
  • Buckingham Studios - Los Angeles
  • Calvert Studios - Van Nuys
  • Capital Arts Stages - Chatsworth
  • East End Studios - Glendale
  • East End Studios - Griffith
  • ISS Props - Sunland
  • Triscenic Production Services - Santa Clarita
  • Two Bridges - Los Angeles
  • Void Studios - Los Angeles
  • MBSE Co. HQ - Slymar
  • MBSE Hollywood- Hollywood

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New Mexico Locations

Serviced by MBS
  • Garson Studios - Santa Fe
  • Santa Fe Studios - Santa Fe
  • Sante Fe Midtown Studios - Santa Fe

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Louisiana Locations

MBS-Operated, Corporate-Owned Studios
  • Second Line Stages - New Orleans
Serviced by MBS
  • Celtic Media Centre - Baton Rouge
  • Starlight Studios - New Orleans
  • The Ranch Film Studios - Chalmette
  • MBSE Metairie - Metairie

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Illinois Locations

Serviced by MBS
  • Cinespace Film Studios - Chicago
  • The Fields Studios - Chicago
  • MBSE Chicago - Chicago

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New York Locations

MBS-Operated, Corporate-Owned Studios
  • Kaufman Astoria Studios - Queens
  • Silvercup Studios - Long Island City
Serviced by MBS
  • Cine Magic East River Studios - New York
  • Cine Magic Long Island City Studios - Queens
  • Cinema World - Brooklyn
  • Goldcoast Studios - Bethpage
  • Grumman Studios - Bethpage
  • Grumman Studios (Port Washington) - Port Washington
  • Michelson Studios - Junction
  • Steiner Studios - Brooklyn
  • Upriver Studios - Saugerties
  • York Studios Maspeth Campus and York Studios Michaelangelo Campus  - Queens and Bronx
  • Insight x MBSE HV - Saugerties
  • Insight x MBSE Queens - Queens
  • MBSE Maspeth - Maspeth

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Georgia Locations

Serviced by MBS
  • Atlanta Metro Studios - Union City
  • Blue Star Studios - Forest Park
  • Electric Owl Studios - Atlanta
  • EUE Screen Gems Studios - Atlanta
  • Flat Rock Studios - Columbus
  • Mailing Ave StageWorks - Atlanta
  • Old Dixie Studios - Atlanta
  • Pangaea Studios - Atlanta
  • Riverwood Studios - Senoia
  • Third Rail Studios - Atlanta
  • Trilith Studios - Fayetteville
  • Tyler Perry Studios - Atlanta
  • OFS Studios - Atlanta
  • Westside Studios - Atlanta
  • Wocon Atlanta - Forest Park
  • MBSE Atlanta -Atlanta
  • MBSE Atlanta Off-Lot/Outpost -Atlanta
  • MBSE Savannah -Savannah

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England Locations

MBS-Operated, Corporate-Owned Studios
  • Cardington Studios - Bedford
  • Eastbrook Studios - Dagenham
  • The Wharf Studios - Barking
MBS-Operated Studios
  • Hallmark House - United Kingdom
  • Hoddesdon Studios - United Kingdom
  • Symmetry Studios - London
Serviced by MBS
  • Pinewood Studios - United Kingdom
  • Robomoco - United Kingdom
  • Shepperton Studios - Shepperton
  • UX1 - United Kingdom
  • Shinfield Studios - Shinfield, Reading
  • MBSE Pinewood - United Kingdom
  • MBSE UK HQ - United Kingdom

Florida Locations

  • MBSE Orlando - Orlando

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New Jersey Locations

Serviced by MBS
  • Supor Studios - Harrison
  • Insight X MBSE NJ - New Jersey

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Maryland Locations

  • MBSE Baltimore - Rosedale

Tennessee Locations

Serviced by MBS
  • Worldwide Stages - Spring Hill
  • MBSE Tennessee - Spring Hill

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Dominican Republic Locations

  • MBSE Dominican Republic - Juan Dolio

Germany Locations

  • MBSE Germany - Germany

Hungary Locations

  • MBSE Hungary - Budepest

Virginia Locations

  • MBSE Richmond - Richmond

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Pennsylvania Locations

  • MBSE Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh

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Scotland Locations

MBS-Operated, Corporate-Owned Studios
  • Pyramids Studio - Scotland
  • Wardpark Film and Television Studios - Cumbernauld

Ireland Locations

MBS-Operated, Corporate-Owned Studios
  • Ardmore Studios - Bray
  • Greystones Media Campus - Greystones
  • Troy Studios - Limerick
  • MBSE Ireland - Ireland

Wales Location

MBS-Operated, Corporate-Owned Studios
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Texas Locations

MBS-Operated, Corporate-Owned Studios

Massachusetts Locations

Serviced by MBS
  • Red Sky Studios - Boston
  • Red Sky Studios - Foxborough

Calgary, Alberta Locations

Serviced by MBS
  • MBSE Calgary - Calgary

Toronto, Ontario Locations

MBS-Operated, Corporate-Owned Studios
MBS-Operated Studios
  • Downsview Hangars - North York, ON
Serviced by MBS
  • MBSE Toronto - Toronto

Northern Ireland Locations

  • MBSE Northern Ireland - Northern Ireland