A Strong Presence in Canada. A Global Network of Support.

The Power of MBS

The MBS Group is proud of our strong Canadian roots and the strong relationships we’ve built across the region. We’re also proud of our network of more than 100 studios, partner studios and equipment locations across seven countries—an international network that gives our customers extensive reach and robust resources for film and television production.

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Vast Capabilities

The MBS Group’s global platform offers vast capabilities:

  • Studio Management 
  • Studio Design and Development
  • Production Services
  • Training Programs
  • Technology Innovations

Breakthrough Production Technology

MBS Innovations (dubbed MBSi) is a think tank driven by the desire to design, develop and deliver today’s most forward-thinking production solutions. We’re proud to say, these innovations are continuously changing the way content producers create.

MSBi Innovations
The MBS Group - Innovation

Working towards a Sustainable Future

The MBS Group is committed to eco-friendly initiatives throughout our global platform. In Canada, our clean-energy solutions include non-diesel, power supply options, grid tie-ins and the use of renewable fuels. We work with productions on achieving sustainability today, so that we can continue doing what we love tomorrow.

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The MBS Group is a diverse, inclusive and socially- and environmentally-conscious company. We champion personal and professional development. We work hard and love what we do. If you’re eager to make an impact in the industry and in in your career, explore our current opportunities.